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Thank you for visiting my site, I'm Cosmin Unguru the creator of the three screen savers. The screen savers are no longer on sale, they are Free now (see codes below)!


Note: The screen savers have not been updated in a while so they only work properly on Windows XP, and maybe Windows Vista.


The Story: I've created the 3D screen savers in college from my passion for 3D graphics and based on the 3D engine that I've developed back then. The engine (Immersion) was capable of rendering Quake 3 BSP maps with binary space partitioning, curved surfaces, and lightmaps. Since then I've moved on to greener pastures (batchphoto.com).





Photo Gallery 3D Screensaver
3d screensavers

Turn your monitor into a realistic photo gallery full of your memories!


Name: Cosmin Unguru


Sci-Tek Gallery 3D Screensaver
3d screensavers

We invite you to take an incursion into the distant future and enjoy a gallery full of your memories. Are you ready?


Name: Cosmin Unguru


Digital 3D Screensaver
3d screensaver

Get ready for an exciting virtual journey inside the mysterious world of your microprocessor!


Name: Cosmin Unguru


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You will purchase your license through one of the world's largest and most secure online payment services, Avangate. We've chosen Avangate because of their long-term reputation for professionalism and security.


Avangate accepts Visa, Master Card, DinersClub, American Express and JCB credit cards and they also accept PayPal payments as well as Wire transfers and Fax orders. You can also chose among multiple currencies.


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Support Life


We, the 3D-Screen-Savers.com team, want to make a difference. We plan to help any non profit (including governmental) organizations that activate in the following domains: Ecology, Human Aid, Renewable Energy Sources. If you intend to use any of our products in your organization, please contact support with a description of what your organization does and we will be happy to offer you one or more free licenses.




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